YongYea has Announced That he is Moving to LA

One of the most influential and respected video game commentators, YongYea has announced that he is moving to Los Angeles to become a professional voice actor.

In a video that was posted on his channel on May 17th that showcased an almost empty room, YoungYea told his fans that he is relocating to Los Angeles to purse his dream of becoming become a professional voice actor. He explained to his fans about the new change in his life and how it will affect his future. He also wanted to reassure everyone that the channel will continue.

His fans along with other video game critics and commentators have been quick to wish him the best of luck on both YouTube and on Twitter. Here are some of the responses left by his fans:

YongYea is a video game critic and commentator who has grown to become one of the most respected on YouTube to the point that many have called his a successor to the late TotalBiscuit. At the same time, his work has also been a major influence on many in games media.