Stan’s Gaming Experience at GDC 2019

The Game Developers Conference 2019 was not just about understanding whats new in the industry but also a chance to play some upcoming titles. From ambitious AAA titles to creative indie games, these are some of the games I got to check out:

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a multiplayer shooter that combines fast paced action of Halo with the game mechanics of Portal. This arena shooter takes players back to the good ole days of multiplayer combat while also welcoming new gamers. Gamers could play with each other or with bots while adjusting the setting to their ideal setup. During my demo session, I got to play a round with bots while also getting a feel for the gameplay setup.

Set in alternative timeline in which Nikola Tesla has become an industrial leader, Close to the Sun is a horror survival experience that was heavily inspired by BioShock. Players take on the role of a journalist looking for her sister on the Helios, a super ship populated by the greatest scientists from around the world. In the demo, I got to experience the beginning which sets the foundation for the story and gave an intro into the gameplay mechanics.

Steel Circus is a hero sports arena game that could best be described as FIFA meets Overwatch. Set in a future, Steel Circus is the most popular game in the world and the reason the galaxy has been at peace for so long. During my demo session, six players participated in two matches. I did ok in the first match but was a top player in the second match.

Espire 1: The Operative could only be described as the closes thing to a VR adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. Players take control of an Espire Agent (a drone controlled by a spy) who is tasked with a series of missions. In the demo, I was tasked with escaping a facility while having the option of using a verity of tactics (stealth is optional). This is one VR game I would keep my eye on as it looks very promising.

CrossCode is a retro inspired JRPG that follows in the foot steps of iconic titles like Chrono Trigger. Already a hit on the PC, the console version is now in the works and I got the chance to experience it. This was not a demo but instead the full game and I got to play it from the start. Overall, I had a good time playing it and now I have to get the PC version soon.

The InnerFriend is a surreal horror experience that has players explore the darkest moments of their childhood while trying to overcome their demons. The game is out now on PC and there are plans to bring it to the PS4 and Xbox One. I got the chance to demo the PC version by exploring a level that had me trying run away from a manifestation of a sinister moment.


The first thing that got me to notice VOID Bastard was how much it has been designed to look like a comic book. This roguelike survival shooter that draws inspiration from System Shock 2while also having a sense of humor. Players take on the role of a prisoner who has been set free by the space prisons AI and is tasked with finding supplies on other ships that are encountered.

Broken Line is a squad-based WWII experience that features turn based combat and a rich story. Players command a squad of British commandos who are trapped deep in Nazi occupied Europe and must use their skills to cause havoc. This one of several titles that were available to demo at the Super! booth.

Even though it has been out for sometime, I just couldn’t resist the urge to school a friend during a game of Jump Force. The full game was available to play at the Epic Games booth, so we just decided to settle a score of which character was a better fighter.

Devil’s Hunt is action adventure that is based on the novel Equilibrium by Paweł Leśniak. Players take on the role of Desmond as he travels between hell and the human world. The demo presented had me battle demons at certain points while exploring the world. A game to look out for if you’re a fan of Devil May Cry or Spawn.

Dead Static Drive is an open world title that could be only described as Grand Theft Auto meets the Cthulhu lore. Players must survive a community that is being invaded by all kinds of outer world monsters. In the demo presented; players must do a series of tasks while avoiding the monsters. Overall; it felt like I was once again playing Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64.

Days Gone was present at the PlayStation booth and I got the chance to play it. Even though it was just a demo, it was a solid opportunity to explore the world that has been created. I was also impressed with the fast paced combat along with the many ways one could survive this zombie outbreak.

Mercenaries 2 is a cyber-punk themed VR shooter that was on display at the HTC Vive booth. This shooter has players blast through waves of enemy forces while using the duck mechanics from titles like Time Crisis. In the demo, players had to escape their safe house while being purist by enemy bots.

Even though it has been out for sometime, one could not resist the chance to play Kingdom Hearts III. The full game was available for guests to play at the Epic Games booth. It was both a chance to play it again or to chat with other fans of the series on the expo floor. During my play session, I got to explore the Caribbean level from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Silver Chains is a first person horror survival that has players explore a haunted mansion while trying to uncover its secrets. In the demo presented, I had to find a way to escape the mansion but everything changes when I encounter a demon.

Disclaimer: GDC provided me with press credentials for the week.