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Hinterland announced and released this month the surprising, yet long awaited update to their first-person survival game The Long Dark. The last update was released on December 12th 2018 and overhauled Episode 1 and 2 of their Story Mode, Wintermute. In order to avoid the over-stress of trying to meet tight deadlines (also known as ‘crunch’) and have enough time to fully implement all features properly, the Vancouver-based studio has kept a tight lid on when the next update would be released. Now, after much anticipation, Steadfast Ranger has finally arrived.


In addition to the usual quality of life changes, tweaks and bug fixes the Steadfast Ranger update introduces two new consumables, a new survival clothing piece, overhaul of the notorious sprain and shooting systems, and for only the second time in the game: new firearm.

  • Birch Bark Tea: Prepare this restorative drink from the birch bark found on the ground around birch groves or birch trees. In the crafting menu, prepare the bark before boiling 2 pieces of birch in 1/4L of water. Once drunk it will restore condition over time, 100 calories, and provide the warming buff.
  • GO! Energy Drink: This drink can be found around the world. According to the Long Dark Wiki, it provides a 30-minute energy boost and 45-minute fatigue reduction. However, after 30 minutes the player will receive the ‘headache’ effect.

  • Improvised Clothing Wrap: This item is a rudimentary hand covering that doesn’t provide a lot of warmth but can prevent frostbite. In order to craft it, players need 4 pieces of cloth, a sewing kit (or fishing tackle).
  • Revolver: This gun is a six-shot defensive weapon with its own unique skill. The game developers mentioned that the revolver is not ideal for hunting with limited range and accuracy. In contrast to the rifle, it can be fired from the hip.  However, when aiming down the sites the player cannot move. The revolver can also be used as a melee weapon when tangling with the local wildlife.

Gameplay Overhaul:
  • Sprains: The developers have added a new HUD element to alert players when they climb sleeps that may cause sprains, in addition to increasing the angle needed. Sprains are now divided into a pain (treated with painkillers) and limp (treated with bandages) effect.
  • Rifle:  Environmental and physical conditions now effect the shooting mechanic, represented by a new stamina bar while aiming. Sprinting causes the player to become out-of-breath and their aim to sway. Being too cold causes the player to shake, while being in good conditions improves the chances of a successful excursion.

For more information regarding Steadfast Ranger check out the update here.

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