News | The Elder Scrolls: Blades Town Hall


Recently, Bethesda Game Studios announced the start of the Blades Town Hall. In their monthly updates the Blades team will share new and upcoming information for The Elder Scrolls mobile game. Some changes mentioned in the newsletter were, according to the studio, based on played feedback.

Here are the following updates:

    • Reduced silver chest times from three to one hour.
    • Increased Gem rewards from job board quests.
    • Additional re-balancing of direct purchases and support for more mobile devices.

In addition to announcing the Bethesda showcase at E3, the update also listed future planned updates:

    • Re-balancing repair costs.
    • Balancing the levels of upper-tier jobs (by adjusting the level indicator and enemy difficulty).
    • Abyss game mode balancing.

The Town Hall also mentioned exciting announcements for the E3 Bethesda showcase including jewelry being added to the game and new story content. You can watch the livestream of the showcase on June 9th at 5:30pm PT.