Elder Scrolls Online Free Crowns and ESO Plus Trial

A Thank You Gift

In celebration of the many awards won in 2018 (including Game Informer’s Reader’s Choice 2018 and MMORPG.com Player’s Choice 2018 – Best MMO) Zenimax Online Studios is offering fans 500 crowns as a thank you. If you’ve logged into the game anytime between January 1st, 2017 and February 7th, 2019 you’ll receive the free crowns directly onto your account on February 11th for PC/Mac and February 13th for Xbox and PS4.

This gift comes just in time for the February Gifting Promotion and the ESO Plus Free Trial. On February 6th, it was announced that from 02/07/19 (10:00 am EST) – 02/12/19 (10:00 am EST) players who’ve already purchased the base game can try out the ESO Plus Plan for free. The usual subscription costs $15 per month and comes with a variety of perks including access to all DLC stories and zones, increased bank storage, separate crafting storage, deals in the crown store, and 1650 crowns per month.

What To Expect

With the trial, you can receive pretty much the same except the monthly crowns and store deals. This is a good chance to try out the membership benefits without committing to the monthly charge. Having played the game both with and without the subscription, the added perks are pretty handy. However, you don’t need the Plus Plan to play the game. Once you’ve purchased it you have full access to the base game including all the factions and the PvP modes.

For more information check out www.elderscrollsonline.com for information of the free crowns and trial.